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سعودي عرب اي ويزا ڊيٽا سعودي عرب جي دائري لاءِ اي ويزا هڪ اليڪٽرانڪ ويزا آهي جيڪا تقريبن 50 قومن جي رهاڪن کي اجازت ڏئي ٿي ته هو سفري صنعت جي پويان محرڪن لاءِ سعودي عرب ڏانهن نڪرڻ جي لاءِ. سعودي عرب جو دورو ڪرڻ جي منظوري حاصل ڪرڻ لاء اهو تيز ترين ۽ سڀ کان وڌيڪ سڌو طريقو آهي. بنيادي طور تي ويب تي هڪ مختصر سعودي ويزا درخواست ڀريو ۽ اي ميل ذريعي توهان جي سعودي عرب اي ويزا کي قبول ڪريو. سعودي عرب لاءِ ٽريولر اي ويزا سعودي حڪومت پاران 2019 ۾ پيش ڪيو ويو ته جيئن ويزا لاءِ درخواست ڏيڻ جي سڀ کان عام طريقي سان ڪم ڪيو وڃي ۽ ملڪ کي آزاد ڪيو وڃي ته جيئن سفري صنعت کان اڻ واقف هجي. سعودي عرب آن لائن ويزا هڪ مختلف سيڪشن ويزا آهي. انهي جو مطلب آهي ته توهان ان کي شامل ڪري سگهو ٿا ملڪ ۾ هڪ کان وڌيڪ سير لاءِ. اهو ملڪ ۾ هر حصي سان 90 ڏينهن جي رهڻ جي اجازت ڏئي ٿو، ان جي جائزي دوران م ۽ تفريح، موڪلن، موقعن، خاندان ۽ ڪٽنب جي ميمبرن جو دورو، ۽ عمره (حج کي ڇڏي ڏيڻ) ۽ مختلف مشقن جهڙوڪ تحقيق کي رد ڪري ٿو. سفري صنعت کان سواءِ ٻين مقصدن لاءِ سعودي عرب جو دورو ڪرڻ لاءِ، مثال طور، ڪاروباري مشقن لاءِ يا مطالعي لاءِ، اڻڄاڻ رهاڪن کي اميد آهي ته هو پنهنجي ويجهي سعودي حڪومت جي آفيس يا ڊپارٽمينٽ سان رابطو ڪن.  Saudi Arabia eVisa Data The eVisa for the Realm of Saudi Arabia is an electronic visa which permits residents of around 50 nations to venture out to Saudi Arabia for motivations behind the travel industry. It is the fastest and most straightforward method for getting approval to visit Saudi Arabia. Basically fill in a short Saudi visa application on the web and accept your Saudi Arabia eVisa by email. The traveler eVisa for Saudi Arabia was presented by the Saudi government in 2019 to work with the most common way of applying for a visa and free the country up to unfamiliar the travel industry. The Saudi Arabia online visa is a different section visa. This implies you can involve it for more than one excursion to the country.  It permits a stay of 90 days with every section to the country, for an all out stay of 180 days during its legitimacy. The Saudi visa online is substantial for a sum of 1 year from the date of issue. The people who apply for the Saudi internet based visa are conceded an Obligatory Insurance Contract connected to the eVisa, which is a necessary prerequisite to make a trip to the Realm of Saudi Arabia. A protection supplier is haphazardly allocated by the public authority of Saudi Arabia right now the eVisa is handled. When supported, the explorer can utilize their Saudi eVisa to enter Saudi Arabia through any of its seaports, certain air terminals, and some land line designated spots. The traveler eVisa permits you to take part in the travel industry related exercises like relaxation and amusement, get-away, occasions, family and family members visits, and Umrah (barring Hajj) and rejects different exercises like research. To visit Saudi Arabia for purposes other than the travel industry, for example, for business exercises or to study, unfamiliar residents are expected to contact their closest Saudi Government office or Department.

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