RIOCOCO offers an eco-friendly way of aquaculture with coconut fiber hydroponics

February 12, 2024 Texas, Irving 2900 Story Road West 11


Derive the most organic approach for engaging with aquaculture techniques of farming by using coconut fiber hydroponics only from RIOCOCO. The 100% sustainable and recyclable medium of coir fiber is a boon for cultivators desiring to grow crops and flowers via the tank farming approach. The coir substrate can become double its size by retaining water, whereupon such permeability is possible, owing to the five-time rigorous super washing methods in fresh and saltwater over a few months. Again, the fiber has a neutral pH level of 5.5 to 6.5, thus delivering a micronutrient-balanced medium for directly applying to the hydroponic nutrient solution. 

Keywords: coconut coir substrate
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