With my special gift i have reached customers all the way down to Australia

September 18, 2023 United States, Indiana, Bluffton 6


Does your Doctor tell you you will have to live with a certain chronic discomfort or ailment? Is the only remedy your Doctor can think of to prescribe you more or different pharmaceutical medicines.

Have you been tested
numerous times and every time the results are negative? With my unique ability I can tune into a client and feel the slightest imbalance in any organ possible, before it's even detectable in any blood test!

And balance this particular organ back to it's natural optimum!
Combining Reiki with Traditional Chinese Medicine i have developed my own energetic technique where I balance the energy meridians starting at the seat of every meridian, the organs of the human body!

Where possible I balance organs energetically,
sometimes i will advise the use of a proven herbal tincture supporting the cleansing proces.

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Please visit our website: https://claz.cc/2/Daniel-Boorder-de
Keywords: Energetic therapy, Spiritual Acupuncture, Complementary therapy

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