Agatsa ECG is an easy-to-use pocket ECG machine

November 30, 2022 District of Columbia, Bolling AFB 3


The Agatsa ECG is an easy-to-use pocket ECG machine that offers affordability and portability when compared to traditional ECG machines found in hospitals. It utilizes cutting-edge signal processing algorithms and digital signal processors to collect raw ECG data more accurately than any other ECG machine on the market. 

Traditionally, ECG has been done in clinics using a complex and expensive set of machinery. Now, however, with new breakthroughs in health monitoring technology, an ECG can be done at home without any sophisticated equipment. The Agatsa ECG is an innovative pocket ECG machine that allows users to monitor cardiac health by allowing them to take ECG at home. With its compact design and rechargeable battery, this ECG machine gives users medical-grade 12-lead ECGs even in places where there is no professional medical care available. The Agatsa ECG helps people take proactive steps against heart disease by keeping track of their cardiac health anytime and anywhere

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