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完成新西兰电子旅行管理局或NZeTA线申请的最简单、便捷的方法是花几分钟时间在网站上填写。 只需要一点点基本信息,例如您的姓名、护照详细信息、健康状况和抵达日期。 您可以给我们发送电子邮件或上传您最新的脸部照片。 您可以用您或家人的手机拍照。 照片不必非常具体,因为我们会负责调整您的照片,以便移民官员可以接受。 新西兰政府希望您使用 NZeTA 请表在线申请新西兰签证。 线填写简短的申请表后,您需要使用借记卡或信用卡在线付款。 当您支付进入新西兰的费用时,您已经支付了已包含在其中的国际游客税。 您如何获得新西兰电子旅行授权或 NZeTA 的批准。 当您完成 NZeTA 线申请后,fila 批准将在 72 时或更短的时间内通过电子邮件发送给您。 时由于背景调查可能需要更长的时间。 NZETA 或新西兰在线签证将与用于填写 NZETA 请表的护照号码相关联。 在机场移民和边境管制处检查签证时,官员将审查签证批准情况。 您必须接受批准电子邮件或以纸质形式打印。 任何阶段都无需前往大使馆或在护照上盖章。 191 个国家有资格通过海运前来,60 个国家有资格通过空运前来。 所有国家/地区都有资格在奥克兰国际机场转机。 以下国家/地区有资格使用 NZeTA 或新西兰签证在线方式乘飞机前往新西兰:法国、爱沙尼亚、希腊、德国、瑞典、葡萄牙、英国、斯洛文尼亚、丹麦、拉脱维亚、马耳他、匈牙利、立陶宛、西班牙、爱尔兰、卢森堡、斯洛伐克、意大利、克罗地亚、波兰、荷兰、保加利亚、比利时、塞浦路斯、捷克、奥地利、芬兰和罗马尼亚公民。  The most simple and convenient method to finish the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority or NZeTA online applicationis to take out a couple of minutes and fill on the website. Only a little bit of basic information is required like your name, passport details, health and arrival dates. You can either email us or upload your latest face photo. You can take photo with your or your family members mobile phone. Photo doesn't have to be very specific because we will take care of adjusting your photo for it to be acceptable by the immigration officers.New Zealand Government prefers you to apply New Zealand Visa Online using NZeTA Application form. You need to make payment using a debit or credit card online after completing a short application form online. When you pay the fees to enter New Zealand, you are already paying for International Visitor Levy which is already included. How would you received an approved NZ Electronic Travel Authority or NZeTA for New Zealand. Whenever you have finished the NZeTA online application, the fila approval will be conveyed to you by email in 72 hours or less. Sometimes it can take longer due to background checks.The NZeTA or New Zealand Visa Online will be connected to the passport number used to fill the NZETA Application Form. At the point when the visa is checked at immigration and border control at the airport, the visa approval will be reviewed by the officer. It is imperative that you take the email of approval or print in paper. There is no need to visit Embassy at any stage or get physical stamp on the passport. 191 countries are eligible to come by Seas and 60 countries are eligible to come by Air. All countries are eligible to Transit by Auckland International Airport. The following countries are Eligible for coming to New Zealand by Air using NZeTA or NZ Visa Online method, France, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Denmark, Latvia, Malta, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech, Austria, Finland and Romania Citizens.





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