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Refer - Earn Points - Feed People

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The Instant Recall app has a built in Referral System that generates a unique referral code for every new user. Once you share your referral link, and people sign up and elect to sell data, you will earn $1.00 for each person you referred on Levels 1 and 2 that have elected to sell data. People on your Levels 3 and 4 that elected to sell data pay you 50 cents per month.

For every registered user that elects to sell data, Instant Recall will donate 5 meals per month to .

Your Memories are Priceless.

With Instant Recalls you can organize things to remember on a geo-mapping system and get alerted about the things you wanted to remember about that location.

Why Instant Recall?

"I had a great evening with a friend recently at this place. Now, the next time I am in the same area, I will be alerted about this place. It brings back that experience. This is what Instant Recall is. We all need to remember things from time to time to make decisions. Life is a collection of great times and memories

We are ready to start paying out money. After you listen to the video login into your Instant Recall

To maximize the compensation, you need 10 referrals that participate in data sales.

We are now approved to use in-app purchases from Google and Apple. We can now place your data on commercial data sales platforms for advertisers to buy your data. If you choose not to sell your data, you can use the memories features in Instant Recall free of charge. If you choose to sell your data and be paid profits for data sales, you will pay $3.99 a month.

General Informational News

Refer a team of people to collect points for monthly payments. To get paid on 4 levels you need to refer 10 or more people that are selling their data. If you refer less than 10 people that agree to sell data, you are paid on 2 levels.

How much you are paid

You are paid $1 USD every month for each personal referral that is selling data – this is your level 1

You are paid $1 USD every month for each person referred by the people on level 1 that are selling data – this is your level 2

You are paid 50 cents USD every month for every person on level 3 selling data if you have 10 or more referrals

You are paid 50 cents USD every month for every person on level 4 selling data if you have 10 or more referrals

How to refer new users and collect points for payments

Download and install the instant recall app

Open the app to the map page

Click on the white box in the upper right corner

On the next page click in the lower right box to refer new users and collect points

How you get paid

Here is the information below to receive payments from Instant Recall. Payoneer is the vendor we selected.

Signing up for a Payoneer account is free and easy. To sign up for your account, click here.

Please visit here for more details...

Please visit our website:
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