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If you are looking for premium, handwritten automotive content that will help deliver high search engine rankings, I can help.


I am a seasoned and experienced automotive content writer, and I seek the opportunity to write blogs, landing pages, service pages, product descriptions or other forms of content for your website/blog. I am passionate about cars and everything automotive, and love to share that passion with the world through content.


I am a top-rated content writer on Upwork. Here is my profile link:


Here is my LinkedIn Profile:



Over the last few years, I have produced automotive content for several brands, e.g., Internet Brands, Ausbody Works Australia, CarMods Australia, and Content Motive.


Here is my Internet Brands author page:


In my writing, I endeavor to bring to light the subject matter in a professional and unbiased manner. Where applicable, I also try to incorporate the opinions and detailed analysis reports of test driving experts and established car specialists. 


Here are the different types of articles I can write for you:


1. Car Overviews


My car overviews offer a comprehensive overview of the vehicle, detailing how the car has evolved through the years to its current generation. 


2. Model Pages 


My model pages also describe the features and attributes of a vehicle model but restrict the information to a specific model year or generation. I write both new and used model pages. 


3. Car Comparisons 


One of the best ways to determine whether a vehicle is worth the investment is to see how it stacks up against other cars in its segment. My car comparison articles can help with that. They help readers weigh the strengths and weaknesses of a vehicle based on what its competitors are offering. Thus, they help establish a realistic view of a vehicle’s worth and identify the better all-around value cars. I also do listicles, e.g., Best 5 Luxury SUVs, 5 Cheapest V8s, etc.  


4. Classic/Vintage Car Articles


I also love pouring over the unique features of classic/vintage vehicles and bringing to light the things we ought to remember about them. My classic car articles cover a variety of aspects. They are ideal for classic car listings or blog posts.


5. Care care/Maintenance Articles 


My car care/maintenance articles describe car problems and their solutions in a detailed and organized manner.


6. Car Financing Articles


I also have a good understanding of how car financing works in your region. You can count on me to produce relevant content on bad credit, poor credit auto loans, slow credit auto loans, no credit, subprime/deep subprime auto loans, first-time-buyer auto loans, and more.


7. Car Detailing


Car detailing is an art, and its intricate stages or processes ought to be brought to life through content in a deserving manner. We can do that for you.


8. Product Descriptions


I have also written product descriptions for several automotive brands over the last few years. Here are two that I wrote for CarMods Australia:


Please get in touch with me if you have any automotive content needs.



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