Various Symptoms and Side effects of Gynecomastia

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January 27, 2022 India, Karnataka, Bangalore 3


Gynecomastia is a common condition that occurs in males. It is also generally known as man boobs or man breasts. It is the over-development of breasts tissues that leads to swelling in the chest making it enlarged. The breasts may grow unevenly.

Symptoms include swelling and tenderness in the areola, soft lump, or fatty tissue around the nipples. In some cases, people may start to feel pain, nipple discharge, or a combination of these.

A person suffering from Gynecomastia may start to notice changes in their chest area progressively over time with four types of Grades:

Grade 1: Mild Gynecomastia, with minor breast enlargement without the development of excess skin

Grade 2: Moderate Gynecomastia, breast tissue extends beyond areola with moderate enlargement without the development of excess skin

Grade 3: High Gynecomastia, breast tissue extends further into breast zone with moderate enlargement and development of excess skin around. Here, the man’s boobs become a little detectable by others.

Grade 4: Severe Gynecomastia, there is breast enlargement with excess skin on the chest. Here, the chest appears similar to that of a women’s breasts.

Although Gynecomastia is a condition that leads to a lot of physical changes in a male body, especially around the chest area, it also affects the mental health of the person. It leads to a lot of mental, emotional, and psychological traumas. This can further lead to self-esteem issues, body image issues, eating disorders, social anxiety, body dysmorphia, lack of confidence, bullying from peers, and other disruptions to mental stability of a person. This condition not only affects you but also has some influence on the people around you. How you feel about yourself can affect your relationships. You may be avoiding intimacy, out-door activities, or situations that put your body on a show out of self-consciousness or embarrassment.

The best method of Gynecomastia treatment in Bangalore is liposuction combined with an excision technique. The majority of Glamyo Health gynecomastia patients are extremely pleased with this method of treatment.

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