Symmetry Vascular Center

June 23, 2022 United States, Florida, Stuart 2169 SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, Florida 34996, USA 0


Aortic aneurysms are amongst the leading causes of death in the United States, particularly for men over the age of 65. Drs. Tapper and Diamond can provide screening ultrasounds for this asymptomatic condition in our office. If an aneurysm is diagnosed, both physicians can prescribe the appropriate medications to reduce the risk of growth and/or rupture. In the even that surgery is required, Drs. Tapper and Diamond are both well-versed in the latest endovascular techniques for complex aneurysm repair.

Carotid artery disease is the second-leading cause of stroke in the United States, accounting for 25-30% of all strokes nationwide. Drs. Tapper and Diamond can perform and interpret screening ultrasounds for specific patients. Additionally, both surgeons perform surgical and endovascular treatment of carotid artery disease in our local community.

Symmetry Vascular Center is proud to offer comprehensive care for patients with chronic venous insufficiency and has done so for nearly twenty years. Our practice is the only outpatient facility in the Martin and St. Lucie County area to have obtained and maintained continuous IAC-accreditation over that time. Our commitment to our patients, appropriate care, and continuous quality improvement allows us to hold such a distinguished honor.

Symmetry Vascular Center specializes in multiple different therapies for the correction of chronic venous reflux. We perform endovenous laser ablation, microphlebectomy, Varithena ® chemical ablation, in-office venography, and sclerotherapy to treat the entire spectrum of venous disease.




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