Aluminum tile edge trim

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June 16, 2022 United Arab Emirates, Dalian, Guang 5


Stainless steel wire drawing plate is to obtain various colors aluminium edge trim of the surface of the substrate of the stainless steel wire drawing board through chemical water plating or vacuum ion plating coating coloring processing. At present, the most advanced stainless steel coating coloring process is: vacuum ion plating process. Stainless steel brushed plate generally refers to the surface grain plus collective name, the previous name is frosted board, the surface of the grain has straight grain, random (and grain), ripple and thread and other main types.
1. Brushed straight lines. Usually, the surface state of the stainless steel aluminum tile trim surface is obtained after mechanical friction processing. The processing process of the drawing board can eliminate the scratches on the surface of the stainless steel plate raw materials, and also has a good decorative effect. This pattern also has a long filament pattern and a short filament pattern, because this pattern is to use a cleaning cloth or stainless steel brush to line or short the surface of the plate, and you can change the diameter of the brush to get different thicknesses of the grain.
2. Brushed mess (and texture). The surface sand pattern from a distance is composed of a circle of sand grain, and the near is not a standard random pattern, which is made of irregular swinging up and down the grinding head, and then electroplated and colored. The surface of this pattern is matte, and the production requirements are also very high.
3. Brushed corrugated. The production process is to use the axial movement of the upper group of rollers on the brushing machine or the scrubbing machine, so that the stainless steel surface is brushed to obtain a wavy pattern.
4. Brushed thread. Its production and processing process is aluminum tile edge trim somewhat characteristic, first of all, a small motor is used, and its shaft is equipped with circular felt, which is fixed to the tabletop, and it is also at an angle of about 60 ° with the edge of the table. A tug plate is then made to hold the stainless steel plate in place, and another strip of polyester film is applied to the mop plate along the edge of the traction plate in order to limit the thread speed. This allows the felt and mop to be moved in a straight line, and the surface of the stainless steel plate can be treated to obtain threaded lines of the same width.

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