What's Gear Transfer and how to do this in Lost ARK

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What's Gear Transfer and how to do this in Lost ARK

Gear Transfer is a process that allows you to get your current Honing Level and transfer it to a brand new item of equipment Lost Ark Gold. This can be for various reasons, ranging from quality modifications to simply carrying over some of the progress made over the previous tier of gear.

Contrary to Honing however, there are no special materials are actually required. This method only requires silver, but can be costly and can get expensive if it is used often. This is why it's recommended to use it only when there is a legitimate reason todo it, for instance, transferring upgrades from your Rare set of your current gear to the Heroic or Legendary set of gear in the same level.

Similar to Honing similar to Honing, we're going to exactly the same Gear Honing NPC to begin the process. This time, however, we're headed over towards the Gear Transfer option. Because we don't require additional materials, this actually makes it easier to complete the Gear Transfer.

We begin by picking our Target Gear Piece (Gear for Transfer) or the one we're transferring upgrades to. This will then limit the items on the right side to items that qualify for gear transfer to items of the same slot.

Select the Gear to be used in the Source Gear (Material Gear) through, or the part the upgrade will come from by right-clicking. This will place it into the specified location in the middle of the user interface, in the same way as.

The UI will now show the transfer costs, and the gear that will result in the middle of the UI cheapest Lost Ark Gold. Click Confirm Transfer and accept the message that states that the gear that was used for transfer is lost as well as its Honing Level changed to the brand new gear.


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